Refinancing a Home

Interested in refinancing a home?

There are many different reasons to consider refinancing a home. Some people want to decrease their monthly payments. Some want to shorten the term of their home loan as part of their financial or retirement planning. Some want to refinance other debts to improve their cash flow. And others refinance their house to take advantage of business opportunities or to pay off student loans or medical expenses.

We will find the best program for you, one that fits your needs in the most economical manner, and we’ll take care of the entire process so you can rest easy.

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about refinancing a Home?

At Opportune, Inc., when you plan to refinance your home, we recommend consulting with a team that has decades of experience. If you live Chicago, greater Chicagoland, or anywhere in Illinois, you should work with a trusted local lender that can help you with your home refinancing process.

What does the refinancing process look like?


Refinancing your home is a great way to relieve financial strain and give yourself some breathing room.

To start the process, you want to be prepared. This means getting all your documents in order prior to applying for refinancing. The most important documents you will need are your up-to-date credit report, the past two years’ W2s, a current paystub, and your most recent mortgage statement.

This preparation will make the entire refinancing process go much smoother.


At Opportune, Inc., our top priority is to find a new loan that has the best terms for your specific situation. To do this, we will ask you a series of questions:

• What do you hope to achieve by refinancing your home?
• How long have you owned the property?
• How long do you expect to own the property?
• What is your risk tolerance, and what payment adjustments do you seek with your new loan?

Once we have that information as well as your documentation, we will be able to find a new home loan that meets both your wants and needs.

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To apply for a new loan, you must give the lender accurate information about your employment, income, debts, assets, and financial history. Your loan agent will review your application and documentation.

If these satisfy the loan’s requirements, it’s time to order an appraisal of your house to determine its value and whether you have sufficient equity to support the loan.

Next, the underwriter (the key decision maker in the refinancing process) will closely evaluate all your documentation, your application, and your home’s appraisal to make sure you have the capacity to repay the loan. After reviewing your case, they will either ask for further documentation or will come to a decision.

If the underwriter approves your loan application, they will issue an approval letter along with conditions. The conditions will tell you what you must do before the loan can be processed. Read carefully through the approval letter to know the terms of the loan and exactly what is expected of you. The underwriter’s version does not always have the same terms as you applied for.



Finally, if you are satisfied with the terms, you can lock in your interest rate and order your loan documents. Assuming everything in the closing documents looks suitable, you can select a signing date to close the deal on your new home loan.

Now that everything is in order and you like the deal you’ve hashed out, it’s time to sign the closing documents. At the closing table, an attorney will explain each document that you are signing. Also make sure to bring identification with you, such as a driver’s license or passport.

Once signed, the new home loan replaces and pays off the old loan. You will immediately start making payments on the new loan and continue until it’s entirely paid off or you decide to refinance again.

And as a result of finding a new home loan that satisfies your terms, you will live a much more comfortable life without financial pressure.

Refinancing your home might be the best thing you do.

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I cannot sing their praises enough! Through Eugene's ingenuity and never-give-up attitude, he found creative solutions to help us obtain our first mortgage when every other loan officer we'd worked with prior, had failed to deliver. Now, we're on the second go around with Opportune, having just refinanced and couldn't be happier with the smooth process and amazing rate Eugene was able to secure for us. We love the team here -- responsive, caring and professional. We'll never go anywhere else for our financing needs and neither should you!
Tiffany Gabbay
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Loved working with Barb at Opportune throughout our mortgage process. She was careful to point out various details we may have missed as 1st time home buyers, connected us with appropriate lenders quickly and was with us every step of the way. Happy to report that we now have our own house, due to in no small part Barb and team. Kudos and thank you!
Arka Pattanayak
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It's no wonder there are only 5 star reviews here. I worked with Barb Patterson and she was absolutely fantastic!! As someone entering the home buying process with absolutely no idea of how much I could even afford she walked me through every step and fought for me to get the best possible deal. My closing team commented that the loan cleared faster than they've ever seen because of how well Barb handled everything. Cant recommend her enough!
Deanna Brackman
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