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With years of experience in the mortgage industry, our team at An Opportune, Inc., makes the process of buying or refinancing a home in Des Plaines convenient and headache-free. Not only have we worked extensively with clients in Des Plaines, but we have a broad range of experience with different loan types, sizes, and programs. 

Above all else, our team at An Opportune, Inc. prioritizes you. We know each individual has their own needs, and our team is dedicated to finding the best solution for you, making the process affordable for everyone.


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At Opportune, Inc., when you plan to purchase a home, we recommend consulting with a team that has decades of experience. If you live in Des Plaines, Chicagoland, or anywhere else, you should work with a trusted local lender that can help you when you buying your home.

The Perks of Buying or Refinancing in Des Plaines

So you’ve landed on Des Plaines – we see why! As a suburb of Chicago, Des Plaines has many amenities that make it a highly coveted place to live.  

Des Plaines has a lot to offer. With both the Des Plaines Forest Preserve and the Des Plaines River, there are tons of outdoor activity options for you and your family. Additionally, the suburb hosts a history center, public library, and theater for days when the weather doesn’t suit an outdoor exploration. 

Plus, Des Plaines has a wonderful education system, including Maine North and West High Schools. Sound familiar? Maine North High School was where The Breakfast Club was filmed – fun kudos to Des Plaines!

All sounds like making of a great place to make roots, right? Others agree. With a booming housing market, Des Plaines’ median sales price for houses is $230k, and home prices were up 1.8% compared to last year – a number that’s expected to only continue to rise. 

With a lot of amazing houses on the market, securing a mortgage broker before buying your dream home is essential to securing the best mortgage loan for you and making the process seamless and straightforward. And if you’re looking to hold onto your home in Des Plaines (we don’t blame you!), refinancing a loan with an expert team is always the way to go to ensure you’re working within your economic needs while remaining in this bustling market. 

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Home Buying and Refinancing in Des Plaines

Buying or refinancing in Des Plaines? No problem – our professionals at An Opportune, Inc. have experience with both options, working within the Des Plaines area to make buying and refinancing affordable for everyone. Let’s break it down. 

Buying a Home in Des Plaines

Buying a new home is an exciting feat as you look to create new memories in a fresh space. But the financial side of purchasing? A real headache. We want to keep that excitement alive, and thankfully, with a professional team, the buying process in Des Plaines is made simple.

The secret to making the homebuying process smooth is to work with a mortgage lending professional before you buy the home of your dreams. Why before, you ask? Well, we all know preparation is essential to things going smoothly, and it’s no different when it comes to purchasing a home. With a mortgage lending expert, we can work with you to get all your ducks in order, obtain pre-approval for a home loan, and then process and secure the loan once your desired home is found. 

Yes, the process can get complicated, and there are a lot of steps and requirements to meet, but with a great partner at An Opportune, Inc., you’ll not only secure a premium loan but one with a highly competitive rate. 

Refinancing a Home in Des Plaines

There are a lot of reasons that will arise that make refinancing a home a good financial decision. From decreasing monthly payments to paying off medical expenses and student loans, our team of experts can help find the best, most economical solution for you. 

By refinancing your home, you can improve the existing terms of a loan, find a lender with better terms, and apply for a new loan that better suits your needs. This can be quite the process, but with extensive experience refinancing homes in Des Plaines, our team at An Opportune, Inc. knows all the ins and outs to get you the best loan possible. 

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An Opportune, Inc.’s Loan Experience in Des Plaines

Operating for decades in Des Plaines and the greater Chicagoland area, our team at An Opportune, Inc. is made up of experts that know just how to find the right loan for you. We know loans and financial needs vary from person to person, and our mortgage lending experts take the time to get to know you, walk you through the process to find the best solution that ensures long time satisfaction. 

No loan situation is too large a challenge. With extensive knowledge of the mortgage industry, and experience helping those both buy and refinance homes, we know all the ins and outs of mortgages to ensure you get a well-structured loan. Backed by a wonderful track record in Des Plaines and the knowledge years of experience provides, An Opportune, Inc. is the go-to mortgage broker for all home buying and home refinancing needs. 

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With over 50 five star reviews, our customer ratings speak for themselves. We’ve served hundreds of Chicagoland and Illinois clients and we’re excited to work with you.

I cannot sing their praises enough! Through Eugene's ingenuity and never-give-up attitude, he found creative solutions to help us obtain our first mortgage when every other loan officer we'd worked with prior, had failed to deliver. Now, we're on the second go around with Opportune, having just refinanced and couldn't be happier with the smooth process and amazing rate Eugene was able to secure for us. We love the team here -- responsive, caring and professional. We'll never go anywhere else for our financing needs and neither should you!
Tiffany Gabbay
Happy Customer
Loved working with Barb at Opportune throughout our mortgage process. She was careful to point out various details we may have missed as 1st time home buyers, connected us with appropriate lenders quickly and was with us every step of the way. Happy to report that we now have our own house, due to in no small part Barb and team. Kudos and thank you!
Arka Pattanayak
Happy Customer
It's no wonder there are only 5 star reviews here. I worked with Barb Patterson and she was absolutely fantastic!! As someone entering the home buying process with absolutely no idea of how much I could even afford she walked me through every step and fought for me to get the best possible deal. My closing team commented that the loan cleared faster than they've ever seen because of how well Barb handled everything. Cant recommend her enough!
Deanna Brackman
Happy Customer

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