Top 10 List of a Successful Mortgage Professional

  1. Ask a lot of questions and analyze answers you receive.
  2. Always have a customer’s best interest in mind. A customer entrusts you with one of the largest, if not the largest, transactions of his/her live. It is a huge responsibility. Never take it lightly.
  3. Understand underwriting guidelines and ask questions if you are not sure. Ask them upfront, not when the file is already in process.
  4. Take good loans. Easier said than done. Be honest upfront, no reason to take a loan to clog up the pipeline. You are doing everyone a disservice. I worked with people who take loan applications to get the numbers and closed 1 loan out of 5. Not cool.
  5. Report back to the agent who referred the business to you. Or even the ones who did not refer the business to you. Report anyway. They just may like the extra effort.
  6. Don’t assume anything. Chances are that you will be wrong in many of your assumptions.
  7. Don’t discount small loans; many have a tendency to grow into large ones with time.
  8. If you promised something, DELIVER! Your word is all you have. Even if it costs you. This is how you gain credibility. Or lose it completely. Too many people say things to make a sale, but when the time comes to deliver, they are nowhere to be found. Unless you are one of those people, deliver. Or get out of the way.
  9. Don’t bullshit. People are smart and will see through your bullshit. Then, your professionalism goes “poof”. Do not sell – advise. People are smart enough to make their own decision. Even if they pick someone else over you.
  10. When you work with a client, give them 100%. This is your business; your employer will survive without you, but you will not survive without your clients.