Because We Are Your Neighbor

There used to be a time not very long ago when we crossed the street to greet a neighbor. Now we greet a neighbor from a safe distance, from the opposite side of the street. The New Normal dictates new rules, and social distancing is one of them. We must beware of every person; everyone […]

Refinance a Home

Is it Ever a Bad Idea to Refinance?

Coronavirus is not a joke. People are emptying store shelves to stock up on canned tuna, drinking water and toilet paper. Suddenly people are associating the current crisis with the Black Plague, Spanish Flu of 1918 and photos of empty shelves in Venezuelan supermarkets. The current crisis is real – and we may have to deal with it for a while.  But what does it mean when […]

Should You Refinance?

I am truly surprised when I read what are supposed to be reputable websites (no, I will not name names) that say homeowners with mortgage loans should not refinance until there is at least a 2 percent drop in the interest rate. This is nonsense! Every case is different, and the same standards should not […]